LookOut Soft is acquired by Microsoft.
New versions of LookOut are not planned.

The latest version of Windows Search for the desktop and the enterprise delivers fast search capabilities for files,
e-mail, documents, and more, provides performance enhancements and support for enterprise-critical features,
and is easy to manage and extend with customized functionality.   Get it now !


If you want to use the "old" version of LookOut Soft.
Reed the article below.


Lookout is lightning-fast search for your email, files, and desktop works with Microsoft Outlook.

Built on top of a powerful search engine, Lookout is the only personal search engine that can search
all of your email from directly within Outlook - in seconds...


You can use Lookout to search your:
  • Email messages
  • Contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, etc.
  • Data from exchange, POP, IMAP, PST files,
    Public Folders
  • Files on your computer or other computers


Just enter your search and press enter. Results are fast.  Lookout will find your search terms hiding
nearly anywhere in your Outlook
mailbox - subjects, bodies, phone numbers, addresses, etc.


Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP.

 Microsoft Outlook 2000, Outlook XP, or Outlook 2003 must be installed on your computer.

 Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

Lookout Software, a Silicon Valley startup, has now joined Microsoft. Lookout Software was started with the goal of building
great tools to make Outlook better. After enjoying much success with their first product, Lookout, the team has now been
acquired by Microsoft and is eagerly working on bringing new, better search tools to market.