Adobe Reader Speed-Up allows you to significantly speed-up the time it takes to load the Adobe reader application. You have probably noticed that opening a PDF file often takes a very long time, since the Adobe Reader is loading all sorts of plug-ins. Most of these plugins are useless to the average user, and this program will automatically disable them. It offers several options and you can also manually disable the plug-ins as needed. You can restore your original configuration at any time. We tested the program using a 300 kb PDF file and the normal Adobe load time was a painful 10 seconds; after applying the speed-up, the load time increased to 4 seconds. If you are frequently using PDF documents, this is definitely a tool to get.
Click here to download v1.36 (236k)
v1.36 - 9th December, 2006.
  - Added: Auto-detection for v8 of Reader/Acrobat. Should be OK until v11.
  - Added: Hungarian translation by Illovszky Rich├írd.
  - Other: Replaced original Polish translation with a new
           working version by Marcin Wawer.

v1.35 - 4th June, 2006.
- Other: Tweaks now only work with series 7 of Adobe/Acrobat Reader.
- Other: Translations. Updated Dutch (Erik Dirkx), changed to new
  rewrite of Russian (Cyril Leshinsky) and renamed old version
  to Russian 2.
v1.34 - 15th December, 2005.
- Added: StartupPause value to the Deployment.ini file; this value
  tells ARSU to wait the specified number of seconds before
  actually deploying.
- Added: Turkish translation by Atilla Íntas, Russian translation
  by Kopachov Alexander.
- Other: ARSU is now truly silent during the deployment process.
v1.33 - 23rd October, 2005.
- Fixed: Adobe Reader 7.0.5 crashed if EScript.api wasn't enabled when
  EWH32.api was. Why Adobe "implemented" this, I have no idea.
v1.32 - 8th January, 2005.
- Added: Language Information button to the Select Language window.
- Added: Deutsch, Dutch, Espanol, Finnish, Francais, Francais - Canadian,
Italiano, and Svenska language files.
- Added: Plugin Help for Adobe Reader 7 Professional plugins.
- Added: Bare and Auto Install Fix profiles.
- Fixed: Using a non-English language file broke Restore Configuration.
- Other: Tweaks and additions to the language support.
v1.31 - 6th December, 2004.
- Added: Support for plugins in directories.
- Added: Language translation support (see Settings window).
- Added: Detection of Acrobat/Reader via the registry.
- Added: Context menu to the plugins list (click RMB on the list).
- Other: Changed the detection code to use the Windows API.