Adobe® Reader® for Pocket PC 2.0 extends the value and capabilities of
Adobe PDF files by adapting them for high-quality viewing on smaller screens,
while preserving their rich content.
Current version 2.0
  The BatteryBar is a Today screen extension that displays the battery status,
amount of free memory and storage. An options dialog provides control over
the bar's visual appearance.
Current version 1.0
  This program is only for close all tasks.
Current version 0.30
  Dava is a easy image viewer to use.
However, it has core functions for image viewing. And it's very fast loading
for extra large images by image optimization.
Current version 2.0.5
Current version 1.10
(PocketPC 2002)
  Launcher is a Today screen add-on for PocketPC's. It adds an icon bar, much
like Windows's Quick Launch bar.
Current version 1.35
  PocketCounter is very easy to use but still powerful counter/timer for PocketPC.
Current version 0.981


If you have a Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2002 software, why not personalize
it using the Themes capability? It's easy to build your own using the Theme Generator
PowerToy. The Theme Generator allows you to choose the background picture,
the start menu graphic, and assign colors to menus, messages, and navigation bars.
Current version 2.0

  Total Commander is a file manager, a program like Windows Explorer to copy,
move or delete files.
However, Total Commander can do much more than Explorer, e.g. pack and
unpack files, access ftp servers, compare files by content, etc!
Current version 2.5.1
  WisBar Advance brings new life to your PocketPC with the ability to change the appearance
of your system to a degree not matched in other software.
Current version
This version of WisBar Advance is NOT compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition devices.

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