A brilliant free add-in containing dozens of useful utilities to fill
the gaps in Excel. Saves hours of time and it's absolutely free!
Current version 5.0
  The Spreadsheet Page contains lots of Excel information.
User tips, developer tips, resources, VBA-scripts, FAQ's.
  FaceID Browser is a handy tool for developers' who want to
determine the FaceIDs of hundreds' of Microsoft Office menu
icons for use in their custom menus.
  A set of Excel Macros (VBA) and tips for beginners. Simplified
macros are used here for easy understanding.
  A technique that makes it very easy to create a custom menu
for a workbook or add-in. VBA programming not required!
  Apply instant color mapping to any spreadsheet you come in
contact with.  Very handy for quickly analyzing sheets to
determine where inputs and formulas are.

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