The color code macro simply applies a color map to the selected range very quickly
to give quick insight into how a spreadsheet is set up. It's particularly useful for
locating inputs.

Try selecting a range (or the entire sheet) and run the macro.

The macro includes a bunch of different color designations just to make it easier to
change if you like. I chose to only map values, formulas, and text, but as you will see,
there are other things you can assign colors to (errors, arrays, etc.)

You can also make it a add-in, place it on a toolbar or put it in a custom menu.
For making a custom menu, you can use the
MenuMaker which is also provided.
Black text
Red text
Blue text with yellow background
Yellow text with red background
= text
= result of a formula
= number

= formula error
Download color_code.zip (16k)